A month of scarves: Day 18

19 Dec

scarf18Okay, it’s another red scarf, but it’s a different shade from the others. What can I say—I like red.

And as you may have surmised by now, I also like stripes.

scarf18 sox

A month of scarves: Day 17

18 Dec

scarf17So the gray infinity scarf is made out of the same material as the tunic beneath it. (They came as a set at Nomadic Traders a few years ago.)

The purple over-the-knee socks have been featured before, so I thought I’d show the whole outfit, which includes my fun—and dare I say, elegant?—purple shawl, and a pair of my mom’s purple leggings that I’m still wearing thirteen years after she died. I really have a hard time throwing stuff out…

Sorry the photo is a bit on the fuzzy side—Dave took this photo right before my phone died…

A month of scarves: Day 16

16 Dec

photo courtesy of Fred Abler (Thanks, Fred!)

The basic black infinity scarf goes with just about everything.

And yes, the Christmas socks have been dug out of the back of my closet, so you’ll be seeing more of those.


A month of scarves: Day 15

15 Dec

scarf15Rainy days bring out the heavier fleecy scarves, like this purple one.

Rain also brings out the purple boots.scarf15boots

And now that you know that I have purple boots, it’s probably no surprise that I’ve got over-the-knee purple socks…

scarf15sox sideways

A month of scarves: Day 14

15 Dec

Scarf14Oops, I had guests for dinner and didn’t get around to posting yesterday’s scarf/socks combo. Life does go on, doesn’t it? Full disclosure: I did not wear this scarf out today, though it’s a warm fleece accessory for a cold day. But it was a beautiful sunny day in Berkeley, so I pretty much only wore it for the camera. I did wear the socks all day…


A month of scarves: Day 13

14 Dec

scarf13I’ve had this red scarf for over twenty years. It’s that bright, cheery, holiday sort of red that livens up any outfit. And I figured it’s close enough to Christmas now to wear the socks that feature penguins donning Santa caps.scarf13 sox

Solano Ave’s gem from the past: Burger Depot

12 Dec

BD menu

Burger Depot is not new or hip. It doesn’t have kale chips or feature Neiman Ranch beef. And it doesn’t have any gimmicks. It’s just an old-fashioned family diner with a huge whiteboard menu above the counter that serves up chili, fries, sandwiches, milkshakes, and practically any kind of burger you can think of (including salmon, turkey, and lamb) at low prices in a friendly atmosphere.

The south wall features a bulletin board of faded photos—regular patrons who have come back year after year. The man of the older couple that has owned and run the business for 35 years proudly remarked that some customers who were brought there as children now returned with their own families.

And this same gentleman took our order at the counter and served us. (I’m fairly certain that he’s also the one who prepared all our food. I could hear him behind the counter happily humming along with “The Charlie Brown” theme song a la Vince Guaraldi as it played over the sound system.)BD cheeseburger

The order of fries was definitely big enough for Dave and me to split, and it was only $1.95. My 1/4 pound burger was just the right size, and at $4.25, it was just the right price too. And as George said, “It’s a pretty decent burger!”

BD choc sodaI saw chocolate soda on the menu, and I had to order one. My diet took a backseat to nostalgia as I splurged on a treat that I hadn’t had since my college days. There were all imaginable flavors of milkshakes too.

We sat next to the big window, where we got in some good people-watching and enjoyed leisurely conversation.

I felt an immediate fondness for the place that I can’t quite explain, but I’m sure I’ll find my way back to Burger Depot.

A month of scarves: Day 12

12 Dec

photo courtesy of my patient husband

Today I chose a simple black infinity scarf to contrast my periwinkle fleece vest and match my black fleece hat that kept me roasty-toasty in our spell of rain. There was a break in the weather this afternoon, which allowed me to have my photo taken outside.

These are socks that have made an earlier appearance in this blog, but this time I took the picture without my boots on. Notice how they are roomy enough to go over my leggings and still long enough to cover my knees!scarf12 sox

A month of scarves: Day 11

11 Dec


Today I couldn’t decide which way to wear the scarf—with it tied in back or front. So I’m showing you both and letting you decide. With it tied in front, I look a bit granny-ish, but when it’s tied in back, the scarf kind of takes up my whole front. What do you think?scarf11socks

I love today’s over-the-knee socks. It’s too bad that very little of them show from under my long skirt. It’s been raining heavily all day, so if I actually go out, I’ll have to wear boots, which means my beautiful socks won’t show at all. Except of course here on my blog.

A month of scarves: Day 10

10 Dec

scarf10Today’s warm and purple scarf is the only one I ever knitted (and didn’t undo immediately afterward). I still have a lot of yarn from many years ago that I never turned into anything…

And I did take a photo with the socks on my feet, but I couldn’t get a good shot of both sides at the same time, so I took them off so you could see all the beauty that are my Starry Night socks.scarf10 socks


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