Still a loyal Peet’s customer…

Peet's food

First, let me say that I had every intention of trying out Peet’s new lunch options. I’d heard that they had started selling salads and sandwiches that were made locally and delivered fresh daily. My plan was to grab lunch there and take it home to eat while watching my new guilty pleasure, the animated series Bob’s Burgers, available on Netflix. I know Peet’s has some outdoor seating, but it wasn’t one of those beautiful sunny days that beckons me to eat outdoors. (I realize I’m a spoiled California girl and that there are snowed-in folks on the East Coast who would kill for a perfectly pleasant overcast 60-degree day, but I have better opportunities to lunch outside, so this was not going to be one of those al fresco meals.)

I went so far as to walk in and read the nutrition labels on the sandwiches, which two different Peet’s employees had declared delicious. And I bet they are. But I’m trying to lose weight, and the turkey sandwich had 22 grams of fat; the ham had 23. I decided these were not options for me. I looked halfheartedly at the quinoa salad, which was certainly healthy but didn’t appeal to me at that moment. And I didn’t even pick up the fruit salad because I eat lots of fruit every day, so there’s no real motivation to buy it at Peet’s just to bring it home. The same went for the cheese and crackers plate and the hummus and carrots combo. I’m sure the lentil salad would have been fine, but by then, I’d decided that I just wanted something warmer to eat.

So I’m not saying I wouldn’t have had a wonderful dining experience at Peet’s. Maybe once I achieve my goal weight, I’ll go back and try one of those gourmet sandwiches slathered with aioli. But for now I am content to buy my coffee beans there and splurge on the occasional—okay, maybe more than just occasional—latté. (My regular is the low-fat, sugar-free vanilla latté, and my special treat is the  one with salted caramel. My mouth waters just thinking about it.)

A side note: I love their oatmeal with all the fixin’s (brown sugar, dried wild blueberries, and nuts), but that’s breakfast…


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