Each and Every Thing Dan does is magic

dan hoyleI had the pleasure of seeing Dan Hoyle’s new show Each and Every Thing in preview at the Marsh in San Francisco. Dan is an expert at recreating voices of people he has met and he uses his great skill to create entire casts of distinct characters, which he has done quite successfully twice before with The Real Americans and Tings Dey Happen.

In this show Dan portrays his best friend, his parents, several people in Calcutta, and himself as a child, among others. Dan is a performer with real heart and optimism who believes it is his mission to listen to and learn the stories of the people he meets so that he can share them with audiences. He ventures into spaces quite different from those he grew up in around the Bay Area and begins conversations where he checks any judgment at the door. In this way he is able to spend time with drug dealers in Chicago and a redneck in Nebraska with an Aryan Nation tattoo.

The focus in Each and Every Thing is how we experience the world in this digital age, which interestingly enough, ends up being much more personal for the man in this one-man show. While attempting face-to-face contact with folks, he observes groups of people who are supposedly hanging out together but are all on his or her separate smart phone. So in the process of gathering material for this show, he ends up attending a digital detox retreat.

As a part of this journey, his friend and personal mentor, who is originally from Calcutta, suggests that Dan go to coffeehouse there to experience the intellectual discussion that it’s famous for. (They don’t say go “to the coffeehouse”—just “to coffeehouse.” It’s like how the Brits say “to hospital” instead of “to the hospital.” Don’t ask me why.) His friend wisely counsels him to become his most “basic Dan,” which fortunately for us, means he does what he does best—share his stories.

This show is scheduled to be performed through July 13, so you still have time to get your ticket! http://themarsh.org/each_and_every_thing/dan-hoyle/




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