Suzette Crepe Cafe hits the spot

Suzette signAs I wind down my Lunching Down Solano journey, I continue to discover delightful spots I probably never would have noticed if I weren’t making a special effort. One of these is Suzette Crepe Café, which is down near the San Pablo end of Solano Avenue (1226). It’s a cute little place that’s open all day, Tuesday through Sunday, and serves breakfast any time.

Because Dave was camping with high school buddies (that is, they were friends in high school—he’s not currently hanging out with high school boys), he missed this week’s excursion. But don’t feel too sorry for him because their trip had a visit to a rib joint on the itinerary. And because they were bedding down in an Airstream, even they were calling it “glamping,” which is a combo of glamorous and camping.

But George is my loyal lunch date, so he accompanied me despite his professed low-carb diet. I think I’m a bad influence…

The crepes come in two general categories of savory and sweet, and the savory are divided further into breakfast-y type crepes and what they call “worldly crepes,” named mostly for cities around the world. I think because the overcast sky made it seem like morning even though it was after noon, I decided to go for the Boston breakfast crepe (a good deal at $5.75). I’m not sure why it was so named—it’s not like there were Boston beans in it—but it was delish. It had scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and bacon all tucked inside a buckwheat crepe. I also opted for the $3 side salad, which was simple but good, and a latté, which was quite beautiful if a little weak.

Suzette Crepe Cafe meal

George was going to get the Albany (ham, Swiss, mushrooms, and béchamel sauce) but went for the Bangkok ($7.25) when it came time to order. And I’m glad he did because I got a taste, and it was yummy. It had chicken, red cabbage, carrot, cilantro, scallions, and bell peppers in a peanut sauce.

Now, the thing is, I have a hard time being at a place that serves crepes without ordering a little something on the sweet side. Or maybe not even that little. There were many wonderful possibilities, including one named for the Five Little Monkeys children’s store next door, but when I saw Crepes Suzette on the menu, I was sold. George said he didn’t mind if I got dessert even though he was not going to partake.

But the waitperson brought two fresh sets of flatware, and once the aroma of the Grand Marnier hit his nose, he couldn’t resist taking a few bites. The Grand Marnier did not taste as if the alcohol had burned off, which was fine by me. George said the vanilla ice cream tasted like the ice cream he had as a child in Iowa. I just know the end result of the orange sauce with the crepe and the ice cream was heavenly. It was definitely not on either of our diets. I know I’m a bad influence…Suzette window


2 thoughts on “Suzette Crepe Cafe hits the spot

  1. Your journalistic accuracy continues to amaze me, Tanya! I keep reading to find something you’ve remembered wrong, and so far I’m batting zero. Second everything you say here. And can only add this: most of the lunch places on Solano Avenue in Berkeley and Albany, California would be far & away the BEST restaurants in almost every small town and city in the USA. (And then there are a few world-class restaurants on Solano as well.) Which is why we’re not getting hazard pay on this project!

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