East Coast Vacation, Episode I: Boston

BostonWe arrived in Boston on Friday night, rolled our luggage on the T, and got off at the Stonybrook stop, where Ross met us on foot. We walked a few blocks to their brand new condo (just built) where they’ve lived now for a couple of weeks. Although they still had a few boxes that had yet to be unpacked and were still figuring out where to hang their extensive collection of art, they looked pretty darn settled, especially considering the fact that Ross had to go to work almost as soon as he landed in Boston from California.

Their place still has that newly painted smell, every surface is perfect and unscathed, and lots of big windows let in sunlight and a view of Boston’s downtown sky scape. Ross has a ten-minute T ride to work, and they are within walking distance of lots of neighborhood eateries and a Whole Foods. We strolled over to a Cuban restaurant while a warm sprinkle began to dampen the sidewalk, but it didn’t really rain until we were back inside their condo and in bed.

Saturday morning we had a leisurely breakfast at a local diner before heading over to the Institute of Contemporary Art, a perfect activity for a gray, cloudy Saturday. We saw some interesting exhibits there, including an engaging multimedia piece called “The Visitors” that involved the simultaneous filming of several people playing instruments in and around a house while one guy took a bath and one woman slept through it all. (I’m not doing it justice with that description, though.) Another piece was a shadow animation that was a new take on the Rapture—material objects rose to the heavens, but people fell from the sky to the ground. And then there was a Paul Chan piece that just made me angry because he took a hardback book, which he purposely did not read, stripped it of its contents, and painted the cover with complete disregard for the book’s original purpose. As if publishing needs any other obstacles…Of course no  photography was allowed in the museum, so I can’t really show any of this.lobster star

I did take a picture at the Barking Crab, where we had fried food and cocktails while listening to a live reggae band. I really wanted a picture of Dennis as the lobster, but he refused.

It was great fun seeing Ross and Dennis’s new home, and we even managed to visit other friends who had relocated from Berkeley to Brookline. Cam and Steve are so happy with their move and enjoy having seasons again.

I’m excited about seeing the fall foliage in New Hampshire, which is our next stop…




One thought on “East Coast Vacation, Episode I: Boston

  1. Great to follow this, Tanya. Any reason why the “Barking Crab” features a lobster and a starfish . . . and no crab? Pictures pictures pictures when you go leaf peeping!

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