Baltimore is full of surprises!

Bmore Hamden Love

Baltimore appears to be a city of a thousand faces. Ask a native to give you the quintessential B’more tour, and you’re likely to get itineraries as varied as the people you ask. Clearly three days is not enough time to really do Baltimore, but it has allowed us to dip our toes into the world of our 21-year old daughter, who loves her home away from home.

Photos will go a lot further in describing this Maryland city than mere words, so I present a sparsely narrated photo essay of one mother’s experience of Baltimore.

Bmore Hamden huns
These ladies represent the beloved Hons, who pop up everywhere, though their presence in the Hamden neighborhood seemed particularly abundant.
Cafe Hun in Hamden
We didn’t actually go in Café Hon (also in Hamden), but I enjoyed the outer décor.

Natty boh utz girlApparently there is a romance between two ubiquitous Baltimore icons—Natty Boh, the mustachioed mascot for the beer National Bohemian, and the Utz chips girl. If this is true, I suppose that one day they will produce beer-flavored chips.

SWAT wedding party

Baltimore has loyal and avid sports fans, judging by the wedding party we saw. You can’t see them, but the bride is wearing purple sneakers (the Ravens’ team color). According to one of the guys setting up for the reception in a museum we were visiting, they have a large-screen TV live streaming the Orioles game, so they don’t miss a second of the action, which was nearby, judging from the many Orioles fans walking from far-off illegal parking places toward the stadium. The ceremony was supposed to start at 6:00, but the game was threatening to delay their vows. (Apparently they had planned the wedding, not anticipating that the Orioles would make the playoffs.)

Paper Moon Diner cars
Outside décor at Paper Moon Diner
blue car man outside PMC
blue car man outside Paper Moon Diner

The Paper Moon Diner is a must-see and probably deserves its own post, but here are just some of the many photos I took there.

Pez bigger
Pez dispenser collection at Paper Moon Diner




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