Bua Luang Thai Cuisine is pleasing

Thai iced coffees
Thai iced coffees, one mixed, one not

Because I’ve been on vacation, it’s been three weeks since my last Lunching Down Solano post. Today we visited 1166 Solano Ave, the home of Bua Luang Thai Cuisine, which is currently celebrating Halloween in spades. A fat mummy and a Frankenstein monster are painted on the window, the ceiling is adorned with fake cottony spider webs that house not only spiders but bats, and balloons with bloody handprints and skulls are tucked into various corners of the restaurant.

The wall-hung chalk menu show the specialties of the house in the neatest printing I’ve ever seen. George made the comment that it didn’t even look like it was done by hand because it was too perfect, prompting suspicion on my part that perhaps someone has figured out how to artificially create chalkboard letters that nevertheless appear hand drawn….

George's curry
George’s red curry pork with the odd little table decoration that I’m assuming is supposed to look like a floating water lily, but since it’s fake, there’s no water.

Service was prompt. We ordered at noon and had received all our food by 12:10. Of course the first dishes brought to the table were the obligatory salads that I could have done without. I took a tiny taste of the white stuff on top of it and surmised it was undoubtedly a mayonnaise-based dressing, at which point, I pushed it aside. I wish someone could explain to me why restaurants with otherwise good food feel the need to foist small dressing-laden salads on unsuspecting diners. I suppose I should have asked what the dressing was before it arrived, but I was distracted by the holiday decorations.

I was feeling weak-willed, so I ordered the Thai iced coffee, which was really good. Then I happened to notice a fellow Weight Watcher being seated at a table across the restaurant. Damn! She would see the tall glass of sweet, icy goodness in front of me and know that I was playing fast and loose with my discretional points. Thank goodness she ordered one too. Now we can guard each others’ secret, and nobody has the upper hand.

pumpkin curry combo
My chicken pumpkin curry combo, with brown rice swapped in for an extra $.50.

I got the $12.95 lunch combo, which was one appetizer, one entrée, steamed rice, and the aforementioned salad. It was a bit pricey for a lunch, but it was a pretty big portion. (Of course, considering that the salad brought negative value to the combo, I think that omitting the salad and charging less just makes sense.)

The spring roll was fine, but it didn’t have any mint in it. It’s not that it advertised that it had mint in it and then didn’t. It’s just that I really like mint in spring rolls, so I missed it. My pumpkin curry was just the right amount of spicy and had a good mixture of chicken, pumpkin, and other veggies.

Dave's tofu and basil dish
Dave’s tofu basil dish (Bonus points if you can find the basil!)

Dave’s basil and tofu had very little basil in it, so he was disappointed. George’s pork was on the dry side, but he liked the red curry. Rather than opting for one of the lunch combos, Dave and George both ordered off the menu, which in most places would be more expensive. But their dishes were $8.95 and also came with rice and salad. So essentially I got one spring roll for $4. It’s not outrageous, but it’s somewhat counter-intuitive when it comes to lunch pricing.

yucky salad
I almost forgot to add my photo of the yucky salad!

If you disregard the salad, the food was good. The service was quite good. (My water glass was never empty.) And the Halloween decorations were festive. All in all, a pleasant lunch.


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