Eunice Gourmet has its merits

Eunice sign

Last Thursday we tried out Eunice Gourmet Café at 1162 Solano Ave in Albany, CA, which is an unpretentious little lunch place with small tables for one or two inside and a few outside that will seat three or four. It looks like a cozy place to get coffee and a cookie and curl up with a book on the couch near the window.

While you wait in line to place your order, you have to pass by the plethora of gelato options, all of which looked delicious, but I’ll have to reserve judgment on their dessert offerings for another time. (The pecan bars next to the cashier looked heavenly too.)

The prices seemed quite reasonable, and the variety on the menu was impressive for such a small place. I also appreciated that even when I just wanted water, they gave me a big cup with ice water rather than pointing to a serve-yourself pitcher and minuscule cups that I’ve noticed in many places lately.

My Caesar salad was pre-made, so I shouldn’t have been surprised that the yummy-looking croutons on top were a bit soggy. Oh, well.

my sandwich
It looks really good, doesn’t it?

I was excited when my sandwich arrived. It looked yummy. However, although the ingredients were interesting—sundried tomatoes, mozzarella, and pesto—it was fine but nothing special. Even with the mustard, it was a bit dry. Dave was a bit disappointed in his sandwich too, which had artichoke hearts and feta, but not a lot of flavor. George ordered what they referred to as a Panini, but it didn’t really look like any Panini I’d ever seen before. Part of the problem may have been the bread. Despite many options, they didn’t carry rye, so he opted for wheat, which didn’t seem to work as well. The cheese melted inside, but it wasn’t crusty on the outside.

dp's sandwichSo it wasn’t bad. But it wasn’t great either. I think I do want to go back for coffee and sweets some time though. I have a feeling that’s where their strengths lie.



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