Little Star is truly a star!

pesto thin crust
pesto onion artichoke heart thin crust pizza

Today’s outing to Little Star Pizza involved a larger party than usual because my daughter and her best friend, Rachel, joined us. Located on the corner of Solano and Stannage (1175 Solano), Little Star has a beautiful dining area, including outdoor seating that is shielded from wind by a transparent screen. Since it was a gorgeous sunny day, half the group was hoping to sit outside. However, the tables outside really only accommodate up to four. So our resourceful waiter opened up the large windows and seated us next to them. That way, the sun lovers sat next to the window, and those who preferred shade sat at the end of the table that was out of the sun.

We got a carafe of water right away, which was an excellent beginning in my book. I also ordered the bottomless iced tea, which got refilled twice without my having to seek out our waiter. (Bonus points!)

We started with bacon-wrapped dates, which were amazing. Our crowd’s only suggestion for that dish was that more balsamic vinegar would have been nice, or as Rachel put it: “it needed to be all up in there and everywhere.” Agreed.

Rachel at Little Star
Rachel regaled us with a humorous story in which became trapped in her jumper while attempting to take off the shirt beneath. Here is a partial demonstration of said attempt.

Because I’m fundamentally against gorgonzola cheese, I substituted feta in their mixed salad, and it was delish. Rachel dubbed the dressing “perfect,” though a few of us would have liked a tad more of it.

The garlic bread is unlike any you will get anywhere else. It is the true essence of garlic bread, in that it is simply fresh, warm bread served with roasted garlic and soft butter. And rather than serve it in the head so that you have to get all sticky trying to dig out the garlic, Little Star serves the garlic cloves already extracted and in a ramekin for your convenience. When we ran out of bread, Rachel started popping them in her mouth whole—that’s how good they were.

The musical selection was pleasing, even though I would not call myself a country music lover. I didn’t even know Johnny Cash did a cover of Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold”…

Ah, but the true star at Little Star is the pizza itself, with its yummy cornmeal crust. We got one deep dish with fresh basil and one thin crust with onions, artichoke hearts, and pesto. I can testify that both were quite tasty.

I should mention that both the college students observed that our waiter was cute, which might be a whole different motive for eating at Little Star on a Friday. I just know that he was very pleasant and kept me sufficiently hydrated.

thick crust pizza
a thick-crust pizza with fresh basil

Because our daughter Kylie sees the world through a feminist lens—I’m so proud!—she noted that the waiter did not automatically present the check to either of the two men on the shady end of the table but instead placed the bill in the empty spot where a sixth person would have sat. So we applaud our waitperson’s dedication to promoting equality! (And I was the one who paid, after all.)

We ordered our food, basically ate four courses, and were all done in forty-five minutes, so this could even be a destination for someone who has a strict lunch hour and a more regular work schedule than our crowd of self-employed, work-at-home types and students.

I think George summed it up well: “It was a very nice experience.”



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