Credit Unions rule!


I figure there are always things to rant about, but today I just want to take a moment to sing the praises of my credit union, USE.

Yesterday I realized that my debit/credit card was not in my wallet, my purse, my car, or anywhere in the house. So I gave up ever trying to find it and called USE’s 24-hour phone number to report a lost card. I talked to a real-live person and canceled my card within a few minutes.

Today I drove to my local branch of USE (where I nabbed a parking place right in front of the office in downtown Berkeley!). I was able to walk right up to the window, explain my situation, and receive a new debit/credit card within five minutes. FIVE MINUTES! There’s no way that would have happened so quickly if I were still with Wells Fargo.

It was so fast and easy, I still had the time and energy to go to Costco to get my gas tank filled and pick up one of their amazing five-dollar roast chickens.

So thank you, USE. I am so happy that I switched over to a credit union.



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