The Cape Cod Isn’t So Bad

CC fried oysters
George’s fried oysters


CC rose
The rosebuds on each table were real.

It was quiet and empty when Dave, George, and I entered The Cape Cod, a seafood restaurant on the Albany end of Solano Avenue between Kains and Stannage. The fairly large dining room was decorated with several silk flower arrangements, and a few ship’s wheels hung on the walls.

There are many things to like about The Cape Cod: lovely white tablecloths, a nice range of options on their lunch menu, reasonable prices, good service, and our friendly waitress. I also appreciate that I was given a choice of salad dressing, my water glass was never empty for long, and we were served hot bread soon after we sat down. Dave and George both were pleasantly surprised that the vegetables on the side were not overcooked, as they are in many CC tilapiaplaces.


And although the tilapia was supposed to come with a creamy mushroom sauce, the waitress was very accommodating and allowed Dave to swap out the cream sauce with sun-dried tomatoes and garlic.

tetra fry
An interesting tetrahedron fry was among George’s French fries.


So it’s not hard to see why this place has been a fixture on Solano for probably 40+ years. (George thinks he remembers eating there that long ago, but the restaurant has no website, so I couldn’t find out how long it’s been around.)

But I can’t wholeheartedly recommend this early-bird diner favorite for a couple of reasons. First, the grilled bread on my chicken sandwich was soggy. Second, Dave’s tomato soup was strangely sweet.

But the most important reason was that Dave and I both had intestinal difficulties when we returned home. (As far as we know, George escaped unscathed.) And I’m afraid that’s what I will remember most.


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