Another Christmas season has come and gone

This is my annual holiday poem.


Xmas 2014

On 12/23 we filled bags with sand

And dropped in some candles we had on hand

As sunset approached we lit them all up

Dave made spiced cider—we all drank a cup


The flickering light put off a soft glow

A few caught on fire—which made quite a show

Old and new neighbors chatted together

Outside in the mild, warm Berkeley weather

xmas tree napkin

On Christmas Eve, we ate vegan cheese

And Dave turned all of our napkins to trees!

We drank Ritz cocktails and had some mulled wine

And then the five of us sat down to dine


We ate spinach salad, we ate mushroom crepes,

We drank champagne made from fermented grapes

Almond asparagus, carrots, and rolls

Food for our stomachs and wine for our souls


Julie brought dough, which we were all lovin’

We got to eat cookies straight out of the oven

Then Rachel arrived, and we’re so glad she came

We played Loaded Questions, our favorite game


Amanda stopped by while we sang ancient songs

But she’s not a singer and did not stay long

The kitchen was messy, but we went to bed

While visions of dishwashers danced in our heads


On Christmas morn we had waffles and fruit

Then opened our stockings to see all our loot

Santa had left lots of chocolate and liquors,

Artisan paper and all kinds of stickers


Then we moved on to the gifts ‘neath the tree

Where a black leather backpack was waiting for me

Dave got some books and some bicycle gear

Kylie now has enough socks for a year


Cartwheel got a toy, and Rufus got bones

And everyone got mini-chargers for phones

We were too hungry to wait for our suppers

So we ate some Chinese food as picker-uppers

xmas day P.I. walk

Then we all went for a walk with Rufus at P.I.

The air was warm and there was not a cloud up in the sky.

Dave began sautéing leeks to make his famed soufflé

To take to dinner in Marin at Chez CCGK


That’s Caroline, and Christopher, and little Ginger pup

And Kai is there, though just part-time because he’s growing up

Everyone is happy, and look—Aida’s here!

And it’s good to see Carina whom we hold so dear.

kylie & CAP xmas dinner

Asparagus and Yorkshire pudding—mmm, I couldn’t wait!

The homemade eggnog, leek soufflé, and roasted lamb were great.

Candy, cookies, and ice cream made our tummies merry

And Christmas ended with a rousing round of Pictionary




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