Lunching down Solano comes to an end


Although Sugata is technically the eatery that is the furthest west on my tour, we reversed the order and finished up at Rendez-vous today. Because family was in town for the holidays, George was otherwise occupied, but Dave and I fulfilled our solemn duty to fit in our last lunch spot before year’s end. At the western end of Solano (1111), Rendez-vous is a casual French bistro with some outdoor seating and a theater menu for those who are trying to catch a show next door at the Albany Twin. They have a lunch/brunch menu and daily specials.

There is lots of décor to absorb while you’re waiting for your food, which is good because it does take quite a while to get served. When I searched out the restroom, I discovered that it’s a shared facility with at least one other business, with a common hallway entrance, which explained the high window from the dining room that had a view of a brick wall. Rendez-vous back alley

I had been to Rendez-vous a few times before, so I already know that I like their burgers, fries, onion soup, and their specialty of the house—daub. But today I ordered a steak sandwich and frites, so I will focus on those. Their French fries are very good. The steak was a bit fatty, and the meat to bread ratio was a bit on the skimpy side for my taste. The caramelized red onions were a nice touch.

Dave really enjoyed his ratatouille served on polenta, which of course is a more authentic French dish than my sandwich was. I liked it, but I thought the polenta was a tad lumpy. I stupidly forgot to take photos of our food before we ate it. I think we were so hungry by the time we got it that we gobbled it down before I remembered.

Our waitress didn’t ever come back to check on us, so I had to flag down the other waiter to bring me mustard and to refill my iced tea. The water was served European style, which is to say that it was not cold but at room temperature. Meh.

Rendez-vous bathroom
A framed photo in the women’s restroom.

In the past I have greatly enjoyed my dining experiences at Rendez-vous, but I’d have to say that today was just above satisfactory. Maybe it’s just the post-Christmas blues and the fact that our waitress, though competent, was not particularly helpful or friendly. So I will return there, but I probably won’t order the steak sandwich again. (And I’ll probably try to be seated in the other waiter’s section…)

Stay tuned for my end-of-year round-up, in which I will feature highlights and low points of my year of lunching down Solano.



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