A month of scarves—I’m way behind!

close-up cat tights
A close-up of Kylie’s amazing cat tights

scarf 23 + cat tightsOkay, the holidays are a busy time. My daughter is home from college, there’s shopping, wrapping, decorating, and…let’s face it—I didn’t keep it up faithfully. So I’m going to make it all up now with a gallery of scarves to represent Days 23, 24, 25, 26 & 27. Plus, I’m so embarrassed—I realized that I wore the same scarf twice this month (days 6 & 22), so I’m posting a bonus scarf to ensure that by month’s end, I have indeed shared 31 scarves.

Day 23

My daughter Kylie is modeling my brown scarf along with the brown sweater that she borrowed so often from me that I finally gave it to her.

scarf24Day 24

My husband couldn’t wait for Christmas to give me this light-up scarf, so I got it a day early. (The lights no longer work on it, so now it’s just a lovely fluffy white scarf.)

Day 25

xmas scarfThis lovely scarf from Paris was a Christmas present from Kylie last year. I’m holding it up so you can see the pattern. And these are the socks that I wore that day.scarf red black white striped socks





Day 26

gray scarfThis is a soft plain gray acrylic scarf, labeled “cashmink” that workedsocks blue well with the white mock turtle, blue cords, red shirt, blue socks, and red shoes. I think it’s actually Dave’s scarf, but he never wore it, so I appropriated it…




Day 27

turquoise scarfThis is a gorgeous turquoise scarf I got when our friend Julie Goldman was going through her scarves and decided she had too many. (I didn’t tell her that it’s impossible to have too many…)

orange scarf

Bonus: And this bright orange silk scarf has been worn many times over solid white or black tops for concerts. (The uniform for the singing group I’m sometimes in—the Berkeley Broadway Singers.)


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