Gettin’ ready for Oscars, baby

Gold TrophyI am so behind in my movie watching that I actually may not see all of the nominated films by February 22, which is Oscar night. I don’t mean just the ones for best picture; I mean any film that is nominated for any acting, directing, or writing, plus foreign films, documentaries, and shorts. If I were to see every movie on my list, I’d be cramming 18 viewings into the next month (if you count all animated shorts as just one and all live shorts as just one).

So I may have to prioritize.

The ones up for best pic are American Sniper, Birdman, Boyhood, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Imitation Game, Selma, The Theory of Everything, and Whiplash. I’ve seen all but the first and the last on the list.

Of course I have to see Foxcatcher so I can judge for myself if Steve Carell or Mark Ruffalo deserve to win. And speaking of judges, I want to see The Judge for Robert Duvall’s performance. And in order to see the best actress nominees, I need to see Still Alice (Julianne Moore) and Two Days, One Night (Marion Cotillard). I’m going to skip Into the Woods, though. I already know Meryl Streep is an amazing actress, and it isn’t worth it to me to sit through a Sondheim musical. (Sorry, I’m just not a fan.)

And because writing is important to me, I don’t want to miss any nominees for best screenplay, either adapted or original; so I really need to see Nightcrawler.

It’s possible that not all of the ones I want to see will be available for viewing, but I’m going to aim to see at least 12 before Oscar night. That’s a little more than one every three days. (And I already have 13 events on my calendar between now and then!) Wish me luck! I’ll chart my progress as I go.


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