Midlife Mixtape Knows How to Party!

midlife mixtape
Our free pins and the 80s bandanna I wore


Last night Dave and I went to the perfect dance party for middle-aged folks. The deejay spun dance tunes from the 80s (which were our college years) at the Cat Club in San Francisco from 7-9. That’s right—we were home in bed by 10:00!

It was the brainchild of Nancy Davis Kho, who writes the blog Midlife Mixtape, whose tagline is “For the years between being hip and breaking one.” She figures—and rightly so—that the over-forty crowd is less likely on a weeknight to venture out to San Francisco clubs, where the party doesn’t really get going until after 10:00. Plus, listening to tunes from my college days, I felt a little younger. (For some folks there, it was tunes from their high school days, but we could all relate.)  I channeled my 19-year-old moves on the dance floor and had a blast!

Except for a Smith’s tune (which I nonetheless like), it was very danceable music. Lots of the usual suspects filled out the playlist—Depeche Mode, the Go-gos, Billy Idol, Violent Femmes, David Bowie, and the B-52s. And I even enjoyed the songs that I didn’t really like all that much back when they were popular (e.g., Tommy Tutone’s “867-5309” and Hall & Oates’ “Maneater”).

It was only a $5 cover charge, and Nancy even handed out door prizes! I hope there’s another one soon.

Check out Nancy’s blog http://midlifemixtape.com/


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