Focusing questions for a writer

happy typewriterAlthough there are not enough hours in the day to check out as many blogs as I’d like to, I occasionally read something from someone who follows my blog because I figure we probably have common interests.

Today I read a post from the Happy Typewriter, which had straightforward questions intended to focus one’s writing. Being one of those all-over-the-place writer, I was intrigued. So I answered the questions myself.

Q: What do you want to write about?

A: Ordinary people put in extraordinary circumstances

Q: Do you want to do fiction or non-fiction?

A: That’s a bit of a Sophie’s Choice for me, but if I absolutely have to pick one over the other, I’ll go with fiction.

Q: What genre do you enjoy writing the most? 

A: Right now it’s plays.

Q: Why?

A: Writing for the stage has been so satisfying because when one of my plays is read aloud or performed by others, I get to hear it from the audience’s perspective. (The best part is being in the audience and hearing others laugh at my jokes!) In addition, my poetry and novels have reached far fewer readers, and I don’t get to be there when the reader is experiencing it (except in my critique group), which means it’s not as fun for me.

It would be interesting to pose these questions again in a year to see if I’m still in the same place…

Now I pose to my writer friends: how would you answer these questions?


2 thoughts on “Focusing questions for a writer

  1. I like that, you spread the love. I try to do the same and check out everyone’s blog that comments, likes or follows mine. For me:
    1. Young to new Adult characters…something about ‘firsts’ really gets me, you only experience them once.
    2. Fiction
    3. YA and NA are genres in themselves, but sub-genre probably mostly contemporary and romance, maybe some soft sci-fi.
    4. Kinda goes back to my answer of number maybe ‘firsts’ are always the best experience, but those that are good there’s something magical about reliving them through someone else’s eyes.

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