Sometimes things don’t go from bad to worse…

phone walletI’d gone to see a sad movie by myself downtown and opted for the handy garage next to the theater. Afterward I walked my red-rimmed-eyed self down to the garage and drove to the exit where I searched for my phone/wallet combo to produce the credit card that would allow me to go home. It was not in my little backpack of a purse. It was not in my pocket. I frantically searched the passenger seat and the floor, thinking it must have fallen out of my purse. There was a car patiently waiting behind me who couldn’t exit with me in the way. I turned and yelled out my window in what I thought was an apologetic way that I couldn’t find my wallet and would have to back up. Rather than being annoyed, the driver of the car behind me offered to let me go through with him, dashing through the gate before it went down. I declined, but I thought it was a kind gesture.

I re-parked and made a more thorough search. It was not anywhere in my car or on my body. I did not panic. Instead I reasoned that it must be at the movie theater, so I trundled off to look for it there. The lights were up, and I went back to my seat. It was wedged between the seat and the armrest. A few bystanders congratulated me on finding it, and one of them even suggested I buy a lottery ticket (I assume because finding my phone constituted the kind of minor miracle that suggests further opportunities). But I figured I’d used up all my good luck, and I was happy to stop while I was ahead.

All in all, it was only a slight setback, and I encountered positive, friendly, helpful people along the way. I consider how my evening might have gone, and I am grateful. I lost my phone, but I found it again. Things didn’t go terribly wrong. Murphy’s law got a reprieve. I will try to remember this small victory when life doesn’t proceed so smoothly…


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