Dublin: land o’ bridges, monuments, and good food

view from the Ha’penny Bridge at sunset
the controversial Spire

Our room is on the north side of the Liffey River, which divides Dublin into north and south sections. On our first night here, we met up with old college friends, Ross, Jim, and Charna. Ross moved here for work and only moved into his new home a few days ago. Jim and Charna happened to be vacationing in Ireland and overlapped with us by one day, so we were able to celebrate my birthday together over dinner at Brasserie Sixty-six.

While walking to the restaurant, we crossed the famous Ha’penny Bridge at sunset and encountered a few monuments. The Spire, though simple, has apparently caused controversy in Dublin because some hate it and some love it. I’ll let you decide for yourself. It’s basically just a very tall metal sculpture that tapers up to a pointy tip.

the substitute bartender mixing a corpse reviver 2

Because we arrived early, we sat at the bar and had cocktails until the rest of our party arrived. The poor chap behind the bar was covering for the bartender who was out sick, so he was having to look up how to mix the drinks featured on their menu. Our first cocktails were fine, but Dave asked him if he would make him a Corpse Reviver 2 if he told him what was in it. He followed Dave’s directions and finished making his cocktail just as Ross, Jim, and Charna arrived and we were seated.

The food was wonderful. I highly recommend the bacon chicken Caesar salad and the peanut butter mousse with chocolate sauce. Because they forgot to charge us for our pre-dinner cocktails, they told us they were on the house. Quite a birthday present. I am loving Dublin so far!


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