Paths 5 & 6: Wishes, a tiny library, and a great view


I’ve walked the Indian Rock Path before because (1) it’s a short distance from my house, (2) it’s one of my daughter’s favorite walks, and (3)Indian Rock itself offers the best (publicly accessible) view in the neighborhood.

IMG_0931So I began this walk from our front doorstep and headed north on Capistrano. I stopped briefly at the Wishing Tree, which resides on the upper end of the street on the south side. Supplied with paper tags and pencils, the wishing tree offers passersby the opportunity to write down their wishes and submit them by tying them onto the tree with the attached strings. I have wished upon that tree before. Today it just reminded me that I live in a great neighborhood. I mean, how many places have wishing trees?

Today’s walk included my husband, Dave; our 10-month-old puppy, Ruby; and our 3-year-old foster dog, Bianca. Ruby was excited about every smell along theIMG_0933 way but was also in a hurry to get to the next smell, which resulted in a somewhat uneven walking pace.

Before we reached the bottom of Indian Rock Path, we passed another neighborhood gem, a little free library set up on the east side of The Alameda.

the bottom end of Indian Rock Path

The path itself begins right at the northeast corner of the intersection of Solano Ave and The Alameda and heads straight east across Contra Costa Ave, Mendocino Ave, and Arlington before it splits to go around both sides of its namesake.

If you haven’t visited Indian Rock and you live in the Bay Area, you really should make an effort to check it out. It’s actually a park and is the site for many a picnic, a practice area for rock climbers, a favorite look-out spot, and also occasionally where teens scramble up the rocks to smoke a joint while taking in the fabulous view across the bay. Although it was cloudy today, the view was still worthwhile. But it’s especially great on a clear day.

the view from Indian Rock to the west
part of Indian Rock itself

Ruby loved scrambling up the steep rock face, and I was glad Dave was holding her leash because she might have pulled me off-balance and sent me tumbling down to a painful landing. Bianca was more my speed. On the rock we took several selfies and met an adorable puppy named Cooper. One of the children accompanying Cooper announced at our arrival, “It’s a dog parade!”

Dave & Ruby forge ahead on the Mendocino Path.

Because it was so close by, we decided to take the Mendocino Path on our way back. So we walked one block up on San Mateo Road, which is what Shattuck Avenue turns into at its north end, and strolled down Path #6, which took us back down to Arlington.

IMG_0953On the way home, we stopped by Five Star Video on Solano. Dave is VP of the Thousand Oaks Neighbor-hood Association (TONA) and was responsible for retrieving the prestigious Golden Acorn from last year’s winner so it could be awarded to the next deserving business. (And also because Ruby knows that she gets treats there.)


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