Too much multitasking?

I had thought my posts for Urban Hiker would be all about the walks themselves–the sights, the discoveries. I suppose I assumed that I’d include my ponderings upon my surroundings, which were likely to be profound, or at least insightful.


Because I’ve been listening to season two of Serial* and  PRI’s Selected Shorts on podcasts as I walk, I feel up to date on the Bergdahl case and culturally enriched from short stories written by Grace Paley, David Rakoff, and others, read by esteemed actors (who also hawk Zabar’s bagels to pay the bills). But in my surely noble efforts to better myself intellectually, I may not be allowing myself to enjoy those more serendipitous moments of walking the paths of Berkeley. Instead of reading the sign about the urns of Thousand Oaks when I happened upon it, I merely snapped a photo of it with the genuine intention of looking at it later.

But I haven’t yet.

Okay, I am not going to be any the worse for not knowing the full history of some huge ornamental concrete urns; but the information on that sign was more organically connected to my path-trekking than hearing Mary Louise Wilson rant in a New York socialite persona in a Dorothy Parker piece, as funny as that story may have been.

Just one of the many photos I snapped while walking around Berkeley

So I’m going to try to be more present with my thoughts as I make my way down the list of Berkeley’s paths, and I’ll save the podcasts for gym outings. (Because who wants to be in the moment when you’re exercising?)  Maybe that way I’ll also be less likely to get lost and have to retrace my route. Nah…

*You’re not listening to Serial?! Check it out. Now!


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