In the double digits and going strong!

I’m reaIMG_0998dy to give up on the Map My Walk app. Grrr. It has yet to keep track of my route in any sort of consistent way. But I’m trying to chart my path progress just the same.

Turnbridge Lane (#11) with its mossy stones looked particularly verdant, probably due to the recent rainfall. It begins on the east side of the Arlington and heads up to the curvy Southampton Avenue, where I (eventually) found a wide and inviting Chester Lane (#12), which ends on San Luis Rd.

chester lane
Chester Lane

On San Luis, I walked back and forth quite a bit trying to find Laurel Lane (#10), but it was inaccessible and unmarked. I saw where it was supposed to be, but it appeared that it had gotten annexed onto someone’s personal property. Oh, well…IMG_1007

After I gave up on Laurel Lane, I proceeded south on San Luis to Upton Lane (#13), which leads to the edge of John Hinkel Park.


Upton Lane

The paths in the same vicinity do seem to be numbered so that one can take them in order to a certain extent, making Paths 11, 12 and 13 easy to do on the same day, but they don’t all work like that.

I must confess that organizing this post took way too long because I got confused as to which photos were of which paths. I’ve got to devise a better system…


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