Map My Walk fails again, but I got some fun pics


For a change of pace, I headed southwest on Capistrano this time to take Peralta Avenue, where I encountered a colorfully decorated mailbox and some January snowflakes (the only kind we’re ever going to get in Berkeley).



I took the windy portion of Thousand Oaks Boulevard up to San Fernando Ave. Along the way I saw vintage cars, a family of gnomes, and a few horses enjoying the sunny afternoon.


I madIMG_1063e my way up the busy thoroughfare of the Arlington, where I noticed an abandoned building that was quite large. How can such prime real estate be uninhabited and in falling apart? There’s a mystery to be solved there, to be sure. But my mission was to walk the paths in the furthest north reaches of Berkeley, so I had no time to investigate.

Boynton Walk

Directly east of the last bit of the Arlington that is still in Berkeley City limits is the Boynton Walk, which ends on Boynton Avenue. It was short, shady, and had a nice steady rhythm to it (3 steps, short landing, 3 steps, short landing, etc.).

A few steps further on the quiet, residential street, and I was at the bottom of Maryland Walk, which was different from most other paths I’ve taken so far in that it had sturdy aluminum railing. As I trod along the steep and somewhat crooked steps, I decided that I certainly benefited from the banister and was glad it was there.

Maryland Walk

It was not a particularly scenic path, but it was definitely the most direct route from Boynton to Maryland Avenue. The streets up in that neighborhood are curvy and are laid out in a rather random fashion, possibly due to all those rocks and hills.

At the end of my trek, I checked the Map My Walk app. It had recorded a few portions of my walk and then connected those parts with straight lines to make up for those portions that it didn’t record. I’m deleting it NOW!





2 thoughts on “Map My Walk fails again, but I got some fun pics

  1. That abandoned building is the backside, with tennis court, of the huge estate on San Antonio above the Arlington that has sold and been in and out of escrow for many years.

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