Santa Barbara Path (#18) & Indian Trail (#17): The worst and best

IMG_1072I have to say that Santa Barbara Path is the least scenic I’ve traversed so far, with very little in the way of greenery. It’s also possible that the trail being book-ended as it was by huge waste bins (it must have been trash pick-up day) colored my opinion. It was well maintained and easy to walk, but I would call it strictly utilitarian.

Indian Trail
bottom of Indian Trail
top of Indian Trail





I took the Indian Trail on the way home, which I think is my favorite path so far. In great contrast to the Santa Barbara Path, Indian Trail could have been part of a mountain hike. Rocky and shaded by leaning trees, its path is dictated by its natural surroundings, including the occasional boulder. And nary a railing or fence is in sight, even at the bottom of the path, which is steeper and was a bit muddy when I was coming down it. Although I was traveling between houses, it didn’t feel like I was in the middle of a residential neighborhood.


IMG_1064During my fairly short walk, I came across not one but two little free libraries–which is either a comment on the beloved status of the book in Berkeley or reveals the generous, trusting attitude of Thousand Oaks residents. Or both.

Within a block of my home on Capistrano, I happened upon a small table bordering the sidewalk with a bowl of lemons and a small sign offering them free for the taking. I pocketed one with a smile and decided that I live in the best place in the world.




12 thoughts on “Santa Barbara Path (#18) & Indian Trail (#17): The worst and best

    1. Sorry, I don’t remember which street. I should mark them on the map after I take the photo so I’ll remember. By the time I get home to write about it, the details are less clear in my mind…

      1. Do you remember if it was on the Indian Trail or the Santa Barbara Trail? I am going to go hunt for it this week!

  1. Ooh, do you remember where the red little free library is located? I haven’t seen that one yet! I am trying to combine my love of visiting little libraries with walking around Berkeley more, so I love your blog. It’s inspiring me to explore!

  2. Sorry to be such a pain, but do you remember where on Santa Barbara? I went over there last week and couldn’t find it! I am going to go back this weekend (maybe it was hidden behind a parked car on the other side of the street?) but I thought I should check with you to see if you could help me narrow down the search a little more. Is it closer to Arlington or Marin?

  3. My memory isn’t that great these days, but it seems to me that it was just south of an intersection on the east side of the street, but I’m not sure which intersection. Maybe Montrose??

    1. I finally found it! It’s actually on Florida, just off of Santa Barbara. Thought I’d let you know in case you want to find it again. Thanks again for all your help – I never would have found it if I hadn’t already been searching for it on Santa Barbara thanks to you!

  4. Yes, Janna is awesome! Have you been to her little free libary yet? It is SO cute!

    I use the official website to look for little free libraries but they aren’t all listed there. For some reason a lot of the owners don’t list their libraries on the map. For example, the one on Florida has a LFL # and sign but it’s not listed on the map. There are also a lot of little libraries that aren’t official (meaning they aren’t registered on the LFL website) so they don’t have a number and they also aren’t on the map. I have been to 71 little free libraries in the city of Berkeley, but the official website only lists 24 on their map. For that reason, I have been trying to compile a more complete list of little free libraries in Berkeley and the surrounding areas. You can check it out here!

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