Boynton Walk & Maryland Walk a distant memory

IMG_1067I really need to be more rigid about writing about my walks as soon as I return. I truly thought I’d already written about my forays to Boynton Walk and Maryland Walk when I started in on my Presidents’ Day trek, but I hadn’t. And now it’s just a foggy recollection at best.


Maryland Walk’s steep and not quite horizontal stairs

I can say that the Boynton Walk (#20) is a short jaunt from the Arlington up to  Boynton Avenue, where you head north to findMaryland Walk less than a block away. Maryland Walk is a steep climb and, luckily, has helpful railings.  The Maryland Walk also has the distinction of being the path that is furthest north in Berkeley. In fact, if for some reason Berkeley were at war with Kensington–not that there’s any cause for conflict that I know of–Maryland Walk would be so close to the border, it might very well be dangerous.


Helpful hint: if you wander in this neighborhood and notice that the street names have changed from state names (Michigan, Kentucky, Vermont) to the names of prestigious institutions of higher learning (Princeton, Yale, Stanford), you know that you’re in Kensington.


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