Holmes Path (#25)

IMG_1159I admit that I kind of cheated on this walk. I didn’t have much time, so instead of starting from my front door, I drove to the neighborhood before starting the walk itself. But of course I went way off route before I found the right area. And I knew I was lost because the streets were all named after colleges, which meant I was no longer in Berkeley but in Kensington.

I encountered some hilly streets up off of Spruce, and the sidewalks veered in all directions. Many houses were quite a few steps up from the street. I noticed a few residences were equipped with those funicular devices that allow those who can’t manage stairs to make the precipitous journey to the street. Ramps would be so steep as to guarantee anyone in a wheelchair an ultra-rapid descent into traffic. Which might be fun if you were the adventurous sort, but it might scare Grandma.IMG_1154

On the way I passed Step One preschool with its rainbow banner, which has served North Berkeley’s three- and four-year-olds for ages.

When I stopped to take in the view, I realized I could see the Golden Gate Bridge, or is it the Bay Bridge? My sense of direction is so bad that I can’t really say…

Holmes Path

Holmes Path had treats for the eyes and ears, including the sound of trickling fountains, accompanied by a sign (prompted no doubt by our serious drought) that read “Dear Neighbors, in case you are concerned about the sound of running water in our yard, please be assured: our water feature uses 100% reclaimed water.”IMG_1161

I’m glad that I started at the top end of Holmes Path because the sign at the bottom is being overtaken by foliage, and I might have missed it.


On the way home, I happened upon some free furniture. One was a cute blue rolling chair that I considered riding back to my car, but I resisted.

It was another beautiful afternoon, and when I arrived home, my wonderful husband made me a margarita because it was National Margarita Day,* and one can’t overlook such opportunities…

*February 22, for those of you who are keeping track



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