Free unsolicited advice

This is after drying out everything and putting it back into place. Note size of mop head and size of bucket. It’s not rocket science. On the plus┬áside, see how clean the floor is?

I have some advice for my readers today that I wish someone had given me.

If you’re going to mop with a bucket, make sure the bucket is big enough for the mop to go in and out without getting stuck in it and knocking the whole bucket of soapy water onto your living room floor.

If you’re going to hold onto those vinyl LPs from days of yore, store them somewhere besides under the bookshelves on your living room floor.

If you have dozens of photo albums that have been lovingly curated over the last 35 years, don’t keep them on the floor either. And since we’re on the subject, velvet photo album covers are just not practical.

And all those art books that are too big to fit on the bookshelf? The floor beneath it is not a good place for those either.

I guess the lesson here is not to store anything of value on the floor. But storage is scarce around here. So, maybe the lesson should be to either get a bigger mop bucket or a mop with a smaller head.

Or I could give up mopping…


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