Mosaic is highlight of Pinnacle Path




IMG_1505As I walked along Cragmont Avenue on my way to Pinnacle Path (#37), I saw a painted garage door next to a small area brimming with wildflowers. Protruding from the ground was a post labeled “octopus garden.” I think the metal sculpture is supposed to represent the octopus, but I’m not sure. I liked the blue tree.

The bottom of Pinnacle Path (#37) is on Cragmont Avenue and is bordered by a wall with a mosaic. As I was admiring it, one of the house’s residents was coming home. I complimented the artwork, and he responded by telling me a bit about it, as I’d hoped he would.


A woman named Irene used to live in the house that abuts the path’s entrance. The mosaic apparently began for her 60th birthday, as the close-up shot indicates. When she died, friends and neighbors came together to create a memorial for her by adding to the mosaic on the wall. IMG_1508








It’s a lovely tribute to a beloved member of the community that gives an otherwise boring wall some color. And it’s fun to look at.IMG_1513


Pinnacle Path itself is fairly flat with a few steps and is bordered on one side by a floppy chain-link fence that could fall over at any moment and on the other side by lots of ivy and shady trees. At the top of the path, which is on Poppy Lane, there sits a cairn that mixes a few bricks in with the rocks. And a little oxalis (?) adds some color.


IMG_1515A house on Poppy Lane very near the top of Pinnacle Path has a beautiful trellis, dripping with wisteria, which always reminds me of that mournful song by Dan Fogelberg that I listened to so often in high school. You don’t know it? Give it a listen: Wisteria But be forewarned–it’s got a ridiculously dramatic, highly orchestral ending. On the same album and even better is To the Morning. But that’s just my opinion…

IMG_1517Something I noticed in the area where I was walking is that occasionally there’s a tall stone sign post that lets you know you’re in North Cragmont. I didn’t even know there was a neighborhood called North Cragmont until I saw these posts, so I guess they’re doing their job.

There are several of these in a wall on Keeler Avenue. It looks like it has the capacity to light up, but there’s no bulb in it now.













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