Already behind in my year of clearing

Jan 1This year, rather than making new year’s resolutions, I decided I’d have a theme and a motto instead. My theme is Letting Go. My motto is Less Is More.

Along these lines, on January 1st, I signed up for an online course, “A Year to Clear,” from an organization called  Daily OM. (I haven’t figured out if OM is an acronym or if it’s supposed to be a mantra. I hope I find out in one of the lessons. There’s a book about it as well, but it looked too new age-y.) Every day since then, I’ve received in my inbox a lesson that is intended to help me in this endeavor. There are a total of 365 lessons, so my intention was to begin on January 1 and end on December 31.

bkl-dailyomBut today is May 1, and I haven’t read any of them.

Now the whole idea of getting just one lesson a day is part of the creator’s slow-drip method based on a Japanese principle called Kaizen. She doesn’t want people to rush ahead and read several at once because it’s a process that’s supposed to be ongoing.

But I currently have 128 lessons awaiting me.

I’m trying not to feel pressure from this because I think that would be counter-productive. So, I’m just going tbreatho take a deep breath and read lesson 1 today. And I’m letting go of any guilt for starting four months later than I planned to.

My year of clearing starts now.


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