Clearing: Day 2

bkl-dailyomLesson #2 of the course “A Year to Clear” instructed me to look down the list of lessons and note any titles that resonated with me. It’s also suggested that I keep a journal to document this year. I figure I’ll just blog about it occasionally. That counts, doesn’t it?

So scanning the long list of titles mostly impressed upon me how many 365 is. That’s a lot of lessons. The titles that leaped out at me were “Getting Rid of Is Not the Same as Clearing” and “Cultivating a Should-free Life.” There was also an intriguing reference to Monkey Mind, which piqued my curiosity.

What I noticed after copying the image of the book cover is that the person who wrote the lessons (Stephanie Bennett Vogt) is not the same person who wrote the book (Madisyn Taylor). So maybe the course and the book are just related but not the same? (And this is the first time I’ve ever come across the name Madisyn.)

Anyway, I’m back on track to “clear my year.” At least for now…


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