Some well written thoughts on walking seemed an appropriate reposting for The Urban Hiker. And they are especially welcome because they are written by my good friend and recent host in London. Enjoy!

London Lens

I confess. Not until yesterday did I first experience a proper walk in the English countryside, crossing field and wood, navigating stiles and kissing gates, dodging muddy patches, and occasionally remembering to look up to enjoy a stunning view. Aided by perfect weather, instructions printed off the internet, and signposts that appeared as if by magic, it was a spectacular day.  I suppose it is my love for weekend urban exploration that delayed my initiation into this English pastime. This is a decent enough excuse, but I do keenly regret the delay now that I’ve had a taste of the pleasures of this particular type of walking.

start of walk The start of our off-road journey

Walking, of course, has a natural companion — thinking.  And the delight of walking in England of course led me to think about why country walks such as yesterday’s seem to have no equivalent at home in…

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