Path critters make wandering more fun!

This is Ruby. Yes, she is adorable.

Today I brought a walking companion–my dog, Ruby. She was no doubt confused when she realized I was actually ushering her into my Honda. (Mine is the relatively clean car. My husband’s Rav 4 is the dog car.) But Ruby’s always game for anything.

We parked on Keith Avenue near the upper entrance to Redwood Terrace (#51). Ruby was super excited to get started. She’s just over a year old and is still teeming with puppy energy.


Do these stairs look level to you?


I am only in one piece now because the path thankfully had railings that I could cling to as Ruby attempted to drag me along by her leash as she bounded down a long set of steep stairs that were also a bit cattywampus, as my mom used to say.

IMG_1754It is along Redwood Terrace that we saw our first little path creature, a stuffed monkey, which intrigued Ruby.

Then we walked on Euclid a bit until we found the lower entrance to El Mirador Path (#48) which crosses Keith Avenue, where it doesn’t change names but does change its number to 50. There is no path numbered 49. Go figure.

El Mirador Path is fairly level and leisurely most of the way. Its IMG_1765most notable feature was the fence that hugged trees so closely that it looked like it went right through them.

On the bottom half of El Mirador Path we discoverIMG_1772ed lots more little creatures that were put out, I assume, to amuse path wanderers such as Ruby and me. Ruby curiously sniffed the wooden giraffe, but she was wary of the ceramic chef cookie jar. The only way I could get her to venture past it was by walking between it and her, creating a barrier. I don’t think it was particularly creepy looking, but she may have just been freaked out by the fact thaIMG_1771t it looked like IMG_1770someone had stolen the top of his head and his bottom half. Or maybe she’s scared of moustaches? Who knows what goes on in her tiny doggy brain…

The top half of El Mirador (from Keith to Cragmont) begins with a giant tree trunk that the path skirts around. This is one of the less maintained paths, judging by the overgrowth. Even Ruby paused and wondered wIMG_1776hether it actually went all the way through.

Our fourth and final path of the day was Martinez Path (#52), which descends from Cragmont Avenue down to Keith. I’m glad I had a map that showed me where to look for it because the bamboo nearly covers the sign.IMG_1779

I was a tad worried when I saw that the railing went down the middle of the path because I immediately pictured Ruby weaving between the poles, forcing me to stop IMG_1780a dozen times to disentangle her before we got to the bottom. But we made it down without a single incident!

Walking back to the car involved some back-and-forth barking with a German Shepherd, but we managed to slide by without either of them saying anything they might regret later.

Seeing as it’s July 2 and I just finished #51,  I’m a tad behind if I want to cover all 140 numbered paths by the end of the year. I guess I had better get walking!






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