A hidden park

IMG_1909I hadn’t originally intended to cover the Crescent Park Path, which is actually three paths, but I noticed its odd formation on the map as I was navigating back to my car and couldn’t resist checking it out. Especially since, at path #75, it was the next on my list anyway.IMG_1910

No signs point the way, but the map led me to what I knew had to be one of the three entrances. I couldn’t see what lay ahead, but I was curious enough to mount the narrow steps, and even the heavy wooden gate didn’t stop me.

I liked that this one chair stood alone at one end of the park.

I arrived at a cute little park with basketball hoops, a swing set, a play structure, a water fountain, and a supply of doggy poop bags. Nobody was there, even though it was a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon.

The play structure sported a sign that declared it appropriate for children aged 5 to 12, but no such signage was on the swing set, so I pumped and soared happily for a few minutes.

Crescent Park


The shortest, easiest way into Crescent Park

The other two paths that led to and from the park were much shorter and flat. Neither had signs proclaiming themselves Crescent Park Path, nor was there any indication that a park was hidden at the end of the trails behind these houses. All three access paths connected to the semi-circular road called The Crescent. No road bordered the park at all.

Me on a swing

On the way home, I spotted a few lawn chairs and an ironing board left out in someone’s driveway with a “Free” sign attached. I was going to take the short chair for the sole purpose of taking it to SF Mime Troupe performances in the future. (I’m getting too old and creaky to sit on the grass for that long any more.) Unfortunately, it didn’t fold up, so I put it back with a sigh.

I’d never seen this dogs for Obama poster before.
I loved the landscaping outside this cute house with a turret that gives it a storybook feel.

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