Another Seattle gem–Seward Park

from the shore of Lake Washington during a light rain
This tree looked like it was about to run away.

According to our hosts, the distance from their front doorstep to Seward Park, around Lake Washington, and back home is almost exactly 10,000 steps. (Which I could have documented myself had I not lost my fitness tracker somewhere in the San Francisco Airport before we boarded our flight!) A gentle shower afforded us the opportunity to don our rarely used raincoats. As Californians, we’d pretty much forgotten what precipitation was, so a walk in the rain was refreshing. And it wouldn’t be a true Seattle experience if we didn’t get at least a little wet, right?

Tree next to the path that leads to memorial for a Campfire Girl Leader

The light rain turned to mist turned to cloudy skies turned to sunny all in the course of an hour and a half. We saw joggers in shorts, dogs on leash, and a few others strolling the path in rain gear. Around the lake, which is gorgeous, are a variety of trees, a few well-placed restrooms that were created to lessen their visible impact, poison oak with helpful warning signs pointing it out, a playground, and even a zip line, which I totally would have used hIMG_2198ad it not been raining at the time.


Along the way we saw artwork with no explanatory plaques nearby, which allowed us to enjoy them purely for their intriguing shapes and colors. This appears to be a transparent lime trilobite mounted on a desiccated saguaro spine. At least, that’s my vision…

One of several seats outside the Audubon Center that feature encased leaves

Although it was Saturday of Labor Day weekend, the park seemed underutilized. I appreciated the quiet but wondered where the people were. Maybe they were all at the much-publicized Bumbershoot, a Seattle festival that seems to have hundreds of acts, including music, theater, and comedy. I was happy to be away from the crowds enjoying the lush flora and the clean smell that follows a morning shower. What else could one want from a vacation?

Plus–I got in my 10,000 steps before lunch!


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