Quirky Berkeley, Part II

This was not part of the tour, but I saw this across the street and all I could think was, I wouldn’t want to be standing by this window when the next earthquake hits.

Okay, this is embarrassing…I could have sworn our guide said his name was John, but when I went to the Quirky Berkeley website, I saw that his name is Tom Dalzell. I apologize for calling you by the wrong name, Tom.



Tom’s helper holds up a tiny speaker to help Tom broadcast to the 100 people in our group.




doggie diner
When Doggie Diner was still in business









Anyway, after we left Malcolm X Elementary, we arrived at Eni Green’s house at 3026 Harper Street. Her front yard is decorated with all kinds of dachshunds, including another Mark Bulwinkle sculpture and some Doggie Diner art. (Doggie Diner was a hot dog/burger joint in Oakland that is no longer around, but in this Berkeley yard, it will be remembered forever.) I got lots of pics, but the ones on the Quirky Berkeley website are better. However, I got a photo of Tom pointing out the one non-dachshund piece of artwork–a muffler sculpture. (The website has a whole post on muffler art!)

I had to make it a panorama shot to fit it all in. I wish the pickup wasn’t there, though.

One of our stops was a building that used to be a pet shop and aquarium, hence the sea motif. But now it’s a pot dispensary.

a detail of Starry Plough’s mural
a detail of the La Pena mural

Heading south on Shattuck Avenue, we stopped to appreciate the murals at both the Starry Plough and La Pena, which are both pretty amazing.





Then I walked ahead of the group, knowing that we were coming up on Jumpin’ Java (6606 Shattuck), a small cafe, where we’d have to go in a few at a time. I got to see the place almost empty and get some photos before the hoards arrived. Mark Bulwinkle has several pieces there because he’s friends with the owner. It is such a fun place to hang out! And the lemonade is fresh squeezed and delicious.

Still ahead in Part III: Dry Garden Nursery, where I could hang out all day just looking at the plants and the art!